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International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics IFAGG was established on 12 October 2003 and is the recognized world governing body of aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG).

The IFAGG is a non-profit international federation, and it has been properly and legally registered as such. Its mission and purpose are strictly to advance the sport of aesthetic group gymnastics. IFAGG is the supreme authority on all matters relating to International Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

Latest News:

AGG European Championships & AGG Junior European Championships 12.-14.2.2016, Tartu, Estonia – invitation & forms updated, new deadlines! (23.12.2015)

World Cup II & Challenge Cup II 18.-20.3.2016, Espoo, Finland – invitation & forms published (20.11.2015)

OVO Cup (in connection with World Cup II & Challenge Cup II) 18.-20.3.2016, Espoo, Finland – invitation updated with categories ”mixed teams” (18.1.2016)

AGG World Cup III & Challenge Cup III 15.-17.4.2016, Sofia, Bulgaria – invitation & forms published (12.1.2016)

AGG Academic Cup 15.-17.4.2016, Sofia, Bulgaria – invitation & forms published (12.1.2016)

AGG Easter Cup 2016 26.3.2016, Greve, Denmark – invitation & forms updated (28.1.2016)


More info in the IFAGG CALENDAR 2015-2016 (Updated 20.11.2015)

IFAGG new office address: 2.11.2015 -> Hämeentie 103 E, 00550 Helsinki, Finland

Tatiana Miroshnychenko a new President of IFAGG
Tatiana Miroshnychenko, Spain, was elected as a new President of IFAGG. Election made in Faroe Islands during the General Assembly in 5th of June.

Results from Faroe Islands IFAGG World Championships and video streaming from the competiton


Mission statement:


  • to promote the sport of AGG;
  • to coordinate international competitions and events;
  • to grant the right to host World Championships;
  • to develop and maintain the International rules of AGG;
  • to develop training materials and educational programs for coaches and judges;
  • to foster cooperative relations with other international sport organizations;
  • to represent the interests of AGG throughout the world when dealing with other organizations.

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