IFAGG recognises three categories of members: A, B and C Members

New IFAGG member – Application Form


  • joint registered organisation which represents at least 5 Aesthetic Group Gymnastics clubs may be admitted as an A-member
  • only one A-member from the same country
  • 5 votes in General Assembly
  • 5 representatives in General Assembly
  • to participate in IFAGG events


  • a registered organisation representing only one Aesthetic Group Gymnastics club may be admitted as a B-member
  • several B-members can be admitted from the same country
  • B-member cannot be a member of an A-member of IFAGG
  • 1 vote in General Assembly
  • 1 representative in General Assembly
  • to participate in IFAGG events


  • a registered organisation that is in early stage of development
  • only possible for those countries that have no A -or B-members of IFAGG
  • to participate IFAGG events other than World Championships and World Cup
  • send non-voting representatives to General Assembly

IFAGG-membership-form-15 – word doc.
IFAGG-membership-form-15 – pdf.