20th IFAGG World Championships, Junior World Championships, IFAGG Trophy 2019, Cartagena, Spain

Date/Time: 16.-19.5.2019
Location: Sport Palace of Cartagena, Av. del Cantón, 0, 30201 Cartagena, Murcia, Spain


A-category competition


New information:

Preliminary schedule NEW updated on 3. May 2019
Offer VIP entries
Restaurant information
Museum night 18. May in Cartagena​


Please see attached documents for more details:

Background information
Information host
Ticket reserve
Transportation reservation
Welcome letter of AEGEG President

Registration will be available only online:

World Championships, Junior World Championships and IFAGG Trophy:


Judge registration form:



Summary of deadlines:

17 March 2019Preliminary entry and hotel, meals and transportation reservation
5 April 201950% of payments (including accommodation, meals and transportation)
5 April 2019Judges registration
5 April 2019Travel plan
5 April 2019Definitive entry and music upload
5 April 2019Visa request
16 April 2019Finalize hotel bookings
22 April 2019100% of payments (including accommodation, meals and transportation)



Contact persons:

Rosa Blaya Puche (FGEGRM) and Francisca Martínez Gallego (AEGEG)
Email: spainct.agg@gmail.com 



All gymnasts, coaches and judges must have a valid IFAGG license for 2019!