World Championships, Junior World Championships and IFAGG Trophy, Helsinki, FIN

Date/Time: 18.-21.11.2021

A-category competition



Helsinki Ice Hall
Nordenskiƶldinkatu 11-13,
00250 Helsinki

Please see attached document for more details:

Preliminary Invitation

Bulletin 1


Preliminary entry 24 September 2021
Definitive entry 22 October 2021

All members of delegation (also judges) need to be registered to Kisanet for accreditation.

Judge registration form:

Registration is now closed.

Ticket sale:

Contact information:

Local Organizing Committee: Finnish Gymnastics Federation

Project managers:
Anne Niemenkari-Kilpi, phone: + 358 50 3590428 (English)
Alina Haapalainen-Kamenev, phone: +358 50 5231903 (Russian, English)


All gymnasts, coaches and judges must have a valid IFAGG license for 2021!