New AGG world champions!


The competitions of the World Championships, Junior World Championships, IFAGG Trophy 2022 and IFAGG B-category Competition "STEIERMARK CUP" were held in the city of Graz (Austria) in November 23-27, 2022.

Following the results of the World Championship competitions, for the first time in history, the Bulgarian national team won gold medals and the title of world champions! We sincerely congratulate the Bulgarian Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics on such an outstanding event!

Team "Minetit" (Finland) won the second place and silver medals. The Finnish team "Gloria" won the third place and bronze medals.

Congratulations to all the winners and prize-winners of the 2022 World Cup with such high achievements!

The winners of the Junior World Championships became the team "Minetit Junior" (Finland).

Junior team from Bulgaria – "National Team" won the second place. The third place and bronze medals also went to the Finnish gymnasts from the "OVO Junior Team".

Congratulations to the gymnasts of these teams, winners and prize-winners of competitions in the category "juniors"!

In the Country ranking the places were distributed as follows.

Junior World Champioships
I. Finland (Minetit Junior, OVO Junior Team, Sanix Valens Junior);
II. Estonia (Violett, Rytmika Junior Team, Piruett Junior Team);
III. Kazakhstan (Sunrise, Kerbez Elite, Samruk).

World Champioships
I. Finland (Minetit, Gloria, OVO Team);
II. Bulgaria (National Team, Velbajd Team, Sofia Sport Team);
III. Kazakhstan (Karmelity, Kerbez, Aphrodite).

Congratulations to all the countries that have become winners and prize-winners in the Country ranking! Especially the National team of Kazakhstan, which became a prize-winner in this competition for the first time!

The results of all competitions in Graz are published on the website of the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics IFAGG.

AGG is art, expression and feelings combined into a high level competitive sport.
International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, IFAGG, was established on 12 October 2003 and is the recognized world governing body of aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG).
Team "Roxett" (Russia) - The World Champion in AGG in 2005.


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