Updates on competition calendar 2023


Dear IFAGG members,

Due to a letter received from Turkey and Savkar Club, IFAGG Council is moving the competition of Four Continents to Hong Kong. On December 14-17, in accordance with the competition calendar of the Asian Committee, the Queens Cup tournament and the competition of the Four Continents will be held. We also inform you that the World cup finals, Challenge Cup finals and the tournament of the Mediterranean countries will be held in Europe on the previously specified dates (20-22.10.2023). The venue will be announced no later than 01.08.

We assure you that the IFAGG Council members and IFAGG President will do everything to ensure that the scheduled competitions will take place and will be organized and held at a good level.

Please find the document attached.

   Updates on competition calendar 2023. Updated: 24.07.2023 (126.8 KB)
IFAGG has decided to extend the number of finalist teams in World Cup and Challenge Cup competitions. Based on ranking after preliminaries, 12 best teams will qualify for finals, but maximum two (2) teams from the same country.
The first World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics were held in 2000 in Helsinki (Finland).
Team "Roxett" (Russia) - The World Champion in AGG in 2005.


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