The 2nd International Forum for Sports investment and manufacturing


On October 29-31, 2023, Egypt hosted The 2nd International Forum for Sports investment and manufacturing.

Countries whose citizens took part in the forum:

A huge number of member states of the African Union of Universities and the African continent - Italy - Spain - Portugal - Russia - UAE - Morocco - Cyprus - Tunisia - Algeria - Syria - Libya - Kuwait - Saudi Arabia - Mauritania - Netherlands - Qatar - Sultanate of Oman - Jordan - Lebanon - Iraq - Yemen.

The most important personalities who took part in the opening of the forum were:

- Members of the African Federation of university sports.
- President of the Arab Federation for Marketing and Sports investment and members of its Board of Directors.
- Mr.Ambassador / Chairman of the Council of Arab Economic Unity.
- President of the International Federation of University Sports.
- A number of African Sports officials in several countries were invited.

We would like to thank member of the IFAGG promotion committee Sarah Sherif (Egypt) for participating in the Forum, promoting AGG among Forum participants and acquiring new useful contacts and participants from new countries for IFAGG.

* On the main photo: With Dr Ashraf Sobhy, Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports and Mr. Mohy Maarouf - Head of the Central Finance and Investment administration - Secretary General of ASMIA

Representatives of Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana and South Africa

Mrs. Ezineani Chidiebere - Acting Secretary general of the Nigerian University Games

Mr. Ignacio Garcia- CEO of Darhima sports marketing
IFAGG has decided to extend the number of finalist teams in World Cup and Challenge Cup competitions. Based on ranking after preliminaries, 12 best teams will qualify for finals, but maximum two (2) teams from the same country.
In 2020, the World Championships in AGG was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Team "Olarin Voimistelijat/Dynamot/Deltat" (Finland) - The World Champion in AGG in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009.


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