Asian AGG

On January 13, 2023, the 1st Asian Committee meeting took place at the Seoul Olympic Parktel (Korea). Based on the results, the decisions reflected in the attached document were made.

Asian AGG Committee
— Hong Kong;
— Japan;
— Kazakhstan;
— Korea;
— Malaysia;
— Kyrgyz Republic;
— Singapore;
— China;
— Türkiye;
— Indonesia;
— United Arab Emirates;

— Egypt (observer);
— New Zealand (observer);

— IFAGG president Liliya Morozova.
Working committee members for 2023-2024
— Saori Kubota, JPN, Chairperson;
— Yolanda Ng Wan, HKG;
— Madina Bekturganova, KAZ;
— Park Sun Young, KOR;
— Sarah Sarraj, MAS.


Asian competition calendar 2023
— Shine Cup, Korea July 1-2, 2023.
— Kyrgyzstan Cup, Kyrgyzstan June 29-July 2, 2023.
— Singapore Cup including Southeast Asian Cup, Singapore September 8-10, 2023.
— Melody Cup, Japan.
— Almaty Cup, Kazakhstan November 24-26, 2023.
— Queens Cup, Hong Kong December 14-17, 2023.
Education events and training camp for Asia in 2023
— Coaching course for Southeast Asia, Malaysia, June.
— Coaching seminar for Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, June 29-July 2.
— Training camp for East Asia, Japan, August.
EUSA student competitions are held in the student category: gymnasts 17 years and older (maximum 25 years).
The first AGG World Championship was held in Helsinki (Finland) in 2000. The first World Champion became the team "Campuksen Koonto" (Finland).
Team "GC Piruett" (Estonia) - The World Champion in AGG in 2001.


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